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Dancing with Fire

“I stand alone. No tradition to hang on to, no group to fall back on. Alone… as we all are. Dance is my vehicle towards freedom and fearlessness. It fuels my perseverance and passion, unleashing the most powerful and compassionate force.”

“It is dance that unleashes my inner Goddess. It is my weapon and my tool, my freedom and my discipline. It is dance that gives me fearlessness and makes me bare and transparent. In nudity I am not suggesting sexuality, but that this Goddess is free from all coverings of illusion and is fully illuminated.”

“This Goddess is fueled by the color red – the color of fire & blood. On one side it represents strength and power, and on the other passion and love. Blue symbolizes and manifests stability and peace in this dance we call life.”

“Life is not the clothes I wear or how I portray myself to be, it is purely the action, the act of continuous movement and breath.”

– Sejal Surendra Sood