Sejal S Sood | Artist & Dancer
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Little About Me

Sejal Surendra Sood is a performance artist who uses her canvases to explore the meditative nature of dance and the very movement that underwrites it, breaking it into transformational and reflective experiences. Her exhibitions are experiential and not just a static viewing of either the canvases or the dance.  In an effort to expand her canvas Sejal has redefined performance by blurring the line between the performance stage and the spectator. These experiments in dance have fuelled her canvases.

Sejal dwells artistically in a world that acknowledges no boundaries between art, dance and everyday life. Hers is a stretched canvas that incorporates her movements as a dancer just as easily it does her brush strokes. For her, dance is an all-encompassing experience going beyond mere movement and into the realm of the spiritual. She sees the cosmic dance of creation even in a meditative silence.

With a degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the artist explains that Mathematics is what gives wings to her creations, “My imagination is the most powerful thing that I have.  And that imagination was created by studying mathematics. If I had studied art I don’t think I would have fostered such a deep imagination because in Mathematics you are  thinking of everything that is not there. It is pure imagination and curiosity without ego, abstraction without dilution, and a depth of knowledge that has no bounds.”