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Millions of people from different cultures, religions and ages around the world practice Yoga & Meditation as a means to stay fit and maintain harmony in life. In yoga one of the most powerful sequences is the Surya Namaskar. The sequence of 12 postures not only expresses gratitude to the Sun for sustaining life on this planet, but instills the energies and glory of the Sun within.

For all Yogis this artwork is a visual mantra to stay grateful, happy and peaceful. It is a living symbol of the magnificence of the first and last rays of the sun that dance through the sky and within our bodies. It is a visual mantra which can be contemplated, surrendered to and meditated upon. Beginning with the first 12 rays of sunlight, the piece expands into a blissful trance of color, form, and mathematical symmetry creating a harmony that is the underlying principle of nature. The 768 Yogi’s dance together as one celebrating all that the Sun brings life to.