Silver Screens | 60" x 52" | Oil on Canvas © 2012 sejalssood. All rights reserved.

Silver Screens

Frame after frame, the screen speaks, sings, laughs, cries and listens. Many words are spoken and countless more interpretations are made. Every individual frame can be dissected and explored against reality. Silver Screens reveals the implications of cinema, specifically the elements of dance within cinema, and its voice in society, culture, politics, and the arts. Each piece is a representation of the artist’s interpretation of a still frame and its pertinence to our lives.

This freeze frame is a representation of the militant & robotic nature of the film industry for women. Where all are trying to become one, but in reality there really only can be One heroine in each film. It is a play on the concept of “five minutes of fame”. Every women in this frame is lined up desiring only to be the center, whenever and however it is possible and at any expense.